Maryland Hall's Artist-in-Residence Program has artists that work in a diverse variety of media and styles. AIRs work in their studios throughout the week and can be visited by patrons interested in learning about their art or purchasing their work. AIRs have three-year residencies during which they can create and sell work, exhibit in the galleries and participate in community programs. Artists are selected by a jury process as vacancies become available.

In addition to our AIR Program, we also host In-House artists who act as a source both for internal creative support as well as a hub for our educational outreach and community engagement programming. In-house artists serve to support MD Hall staff with creative projects.


Patrice Drago

AIR | Visual Arts | Painting

H.C. Porter

AIR | Photographer | Printmaker | Painter

Sigrid Trumpy

AIR | Painter | Printmaker

Elaine Weiner-Reed

AIR | Painter | Sculptor

Jay Fleming

In-House Artist | Photographer