Our Studios for Maryland Hall’s Education Program: Art, Dance, Wellness Classes

Classes at Maryland Hall take place in professional art and dance studios with high quality equipment and a dedicated team of Teaching Artists and Studio Managers who help maintain facilities, order supplies and support students in their creative explorations.

Our Studios


The Maryland Hall Pottery Studio offers an atmosphere of camaraderie and relaxation where more than 70 students of all ages, from young adults to retirees, come together to explore this fascinating and ever changing media. The Pottery Studio has a fully furnished handbuilding room, a throwing room with 14 wheels, a glazing room, and a kiln room with 3 kilns. The Studio is available to enrolled MD Hall students only, with many Teaching Artists offering Open Studio times in addition to structured class time.


The Woodturning Studio at MD Hall is definitely a highlight of our Education Program; it’s a rare place in our region for woodturners to convene and hone their craft. In fact, the Chesapeake Woodturners, local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners, holds their monthly meetings in our studio. Dedicated to woodturning as both a craft and an art form, the studio features several woodturning lathes and offers classes for beginners to skilled woodworkers. With approval, students can enjoy the studio outside scheduled class times during Open Studios or by joining the woodturning Co-Op.

Dance Studios

Dance is the heart of our building and Education Program. Whether you’re a parent seeking a class to take with your toddler or an adult seeking a fun way to exercise, or an experienced ballerina along the way, our dance studios are ready to welcome you. We have several dance studios featuring marley floors, mirrored walls and ballet bars. Some even feature a grand chandelier and cascading windows. To accommodate our expansive dance program, our studios are well maintained and outfitted.

Glass Fusing

The Glass Fusing Studio at MD Hall is a light filled studio designed for students to experience the therapeutic power of kiln formed glass art. Your Teaching Artist will show you how to cut, fuse and slump glass into beautiful dishes, plates, jewelry, suncatchers and whatever your mind can imagine. Using sheet glass, powders and frit students can learn about small kiln casting, sandblasting, vitrigraph, flow slabs and strip construction, among other techniques. The Glass Fusing Studio is an active space for beginner to experienced glass artists. Located just below the MD Hall stage, you just might hear the inklings of a rehearsal or performance taking place if you’re lucky.

Northern Light Facing Drawing & Painting Studios

Draw or paint from a live model in one of our Northern light facing classrooms. An artist’s dream! Work from one of our authentic vintage easels and make yourself at home in one of our favorite places in the building.

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