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    Liz Carren
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    In this second workshop, we will explore more advanced features such as: creating, modifying and organizing brushes, layers, making your own signature brush, and clipping masks. Time permitting, we will explore a few of Procreates newest features (the app is always updating!). This workshop assumes a basic working knowledge of Procreate and is a bit more of a lab setting where we will work together on skills/tasks incorporated into your work. In this workshop, we will all draw/sketch using an image to master tools (each student on their own iPad.) The exercises will allow you to be able to follow along, step by step, ask questions as needed, and see “the process” of building up an image. Each student will put their own take and style on the sketch we are drawing. Students need to come equipped with a charged iPad Pro and the software Procreate loaded ready to go. For more information, please contact the instructor at botanicalbb3@gmail.com.