For several years Renata studied ceramics in Brazil. In 2000 she was invited for a two-year apprenticeship with Annie Schliffer at the Rochester folk Art Guild (NY). Renata currently works at her studio in Edgewater, MD and teaches at the Maryland Hall for The Creative Arts. Renata’s work has been displayed at galleries and stores in the US and Brazil. She has an MBA from Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


My pieces combine simple forms with a passion for intricate decoration. I’m inspired by geometric patterns and nature forms. Carving, piercing and leaf application are some of the techniques I’ve been exploring in a search for harmony between detail and simpleness. I’m interested in the contrast between the earthy tones of the clay body and the bright glazes applied around the decorated areas. That process allows the bare clay body to become the focal point and the blank canvas where the decorative process takes place.

Renata Mastroti Kunkel

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Renata Mastroti Kunkel

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